Medical Marijuana Group ( dba MMG Agriculture) was founded in June of 2014 with the intention of earning the elite status of being one of the first licensed Medical Marijuana Establishments in Nevada. We were gratified when we became one of the first five MME Cultivation Facilities to be licensed by the State of Nevada Department of Public and Behavioral Health in the summer of 2015. MMG Agriculture strives to provide Nevada Medical Marijuana Dispensaries with the highest quality Medical Marijuana that can be grown. Nevada Medical Marijuana patients are our top priority, and our proprietary strains and meticulous cultivation methods embody our values. 

Our Story



Rooted in Reno and Tahoe, our five team members fused seamlessly during the Nevada Medical Marijuana Establishment Application process eventually creating one of the top-rated applications in Nevada for a Cultivation Facility. Drawing talent from a variety of backgrounds like manufacturing, real estate, and of course medical marijuana cultivation in California, our team members constitute  one of the most experienced, talented, and dedicated MMEs in Nevada.