Work With Us


Bud Tending Training

At MMG we provide in-depth sales points to the budtenders to ensure they are providing the best information to the consumer. We also encourage the Budtenders to try all new strains that start to sell in their dispensary by providing penny samples to them. 

MMG offers Budtender training on terpene profiles and the effects that cannabinoids have on the mind, body, and soul. We encourage all bud-tenders to be educated, knowledgeable and accurate when providing consumers with information about Marijuana products. 

Community Outreach

At MMG we strive to give back to the community and do our part to help break the stigma that can often be associated with marijuana consumption. MMG throws a yearly event, Canna Community Connection, in which we bring the Northern Nevada Cannabis Community together to sponsor Veterans to get their Medical Marijuana Card Fees covered by all who donate to sponsor the event. We also are sure to have a presence in the community when there are community events, where we go out and offer education to the public on any questions they may have. 

MMG Agriculture is also dedicated to the processing of the legislation that surrounds Marijuana laws and regulations on the state and federal level. 


At MMG we collaborate with local marijuana businesses in our community to ensure that the Northern Nevada marijuana community is united and communicating. We work together to educate the public about the marijuana industry in Nevada