Not Your Average Grow & Extraction


MMG stands for Medical Marijuana Group. We keep this name despite recreational cannabis dominating the Nevada market to remind us of our roots and our core values. MMG began with a group of 5 like minded individuals driven to pioneer regulated medical marijuana in Nevada. We applied for a license to cultivate medical marijuana in Nevada, and met with success. The first year we took huge leaps by becoming the 4th fully operational medical marijuana cultivation in the state. MMG is currently owned by one of the original 5 members, a local Reno woman. Our goals have remained constant: to cultivate a pure, clean, and potent cannabis product without the use of harmful substances. Our small size allows us to employ those individuals that have a passion and love for the cannabis plant. This passion shines through in our final product that the MMG team tends to by hand from begining to end. The unique and exotic strains grown by MMG require an attention to detail that can only be acheived in a smaller setting. We grow for our community, contribute to our community, and value the consumers in our Nevada community. We continually strive to improve ourselves and our products for the betterment of our community, and for the benefit of our consumers.